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With the help of our strategic planning, we help businesses grow to Goliath levels.

what’s in the Name?

At Digi Hikes, we house all the creative arts, statistical figures, management skills which are constantly updated with the latest technological developments. In the information age, as a marketing company, we guarantee only the best and complete Brand building solution under one roof. Our specialty is Business Branding and Advertisements with the help of modern marketing techniques. We design our services based on the client’s requirements and create a strategic design that would fit our client’s investment into their online project. With the help of our strategic planning, we help businesses grow to Goliath levels. Our services not only include website design services and promotional on search engine but our project is based to creation of an online presence that would not only give results in the short term but would help a business maintain goodwill in the market in the long run.

Digi Hikes Services

web Designing & Development
Graphics Designing
e-commerce solutions
political ads Campaigning

    Digi Hikes Startup offer

    Website + Branding + Advertisement 

    Only 125000/-Rs. (1 Year)

    Digi Hikes Premium offer

    SEO + Branding + Advertisement 

    Only 255000/-Rs. (1 Year)

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    Why choosing us?

    With Digi Hikes, you get the needed team for the action who work with a result-oriented strategy. We make sure, that the products and services we manage, get advertised, known and be sought-after. From web-designing, social media, public relations, search engine optimization ( SEO ) to event promotion, and all that is needed for a business to flourish, we do it all. We think that it is crucial that we need to maintain the reputation of our partnered business online, which means that our clients do not have to put in an effort to maintain their online presence. We motivate ourselves when a business grows and gets positive feedback from their work, which is a wonderful achievement for us. If we are able to help maintain a Goodwill for any business in the market, we pride ourselves to that form of growth.

    Digi Hikes depends upon a try-measure effective technique

    The experts would first examine the product or service extensively, and then lay out a plan and strategy the advertisement appropriately.

    The next step is to generate content and designs matching the prerequisite needs and market conditions. The team of writers and designers collaborate to generate varied experience for each and every platform out there.

    The final step. Here, we employ all our specialists and professionals to advertise and publicize the product or the service. We utilize each and every platform to generate traffic and draw attention to the product.

    Digi Hikes houses a proficient squad of designers who serve the multipurpose of web-designing, graphic designing, ads planning and more. Our designs are not just to soothe the eyes but also to raise curiosity and thus your business. Consequently, each and every design is curated distinctly for each and every business.


    Trading online depends a lot upon what you say than what you sell. A good description and illustration see that the product or service reaches the customer’s mind. With Brand Vedas, you also get a selection of writers and content producers, who not only aid in mere describing the business but also expressing it. Our content team produces SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content ideal for SMM (Social Media Marketing).

    In the online world, a viral business is more sought after than a known business. Once the ad is assembled and then approved, the team seeks to allocate and circulate the content to all the service platforms. The viral distribution sees that the business is visible to as many eyes as possible. 

    Improvisation never stops, and so do we. Digi Hikes takes into account the changing market phenomena and employ strategies based on such conditions and situations. To market online is to be in trend and to be with the trend. We aim at generating traffic and audience by doing the same.

    As much as we like to adhere to perfection and flawlessness, we also like to refine the marketing as per the feedback obtained. We analyze the needs and requirements and piece together the existing module with the information and feedback received.

    Our services do not end with posting of ads and meeting the target. Digi Hikes offers a distinct post advertisement experience with the following three features:

    1. We allow a real-time accessible sheet to the customer indicating the progress and scheduling of each and every activity in the plan.

    2. We also submit a monthly consolidated report during the agreed period.

    3. We provide payment reports for out of pocket expenses making the whole system transparent and dependable.


    We have been delivering fine decor styles for all our clients based on their needs. Since our time working in this industry, we have understood that the idea of luxury living is the top priority of any individual home owner and it brings the top most satisfaction for anyone. Most of our clients are UK based, so we understand the set standards from the industry and we create our designs to not only match client’s satisfactions but also to set benchmarks in the industry.



    We pride ourselves for securing huge market share in the marketing industry by attaining professional skills that include Digital Marketing, Corporate management and Election Campaigning. We wish to share our knowledge with our services. We focus on building a new generation of competent individuals, who understand the basic thumb rules and new ideas into play with their creative minds.

    Corporate Sales & Marketing


    what CLIENTS SAY?

    Mr. Naresh Goyal
    Railmela Inc.
    Head of Railmela Inc.

    “My enterprise has multiple businesses running online and all of them are managed by Digi Hikes from the initial stage of idealization. They look after the creation, maintenance and marketing of our key offerings.”

    Mr. Kartikeya Aggarwal
    Tax Solutions

    “Being a Chartered Accountant I value the privacy and security of my data. Digi Hikes has time and again ensured that I can trust them.”

    Mr. Himank
    Roadmix Corp.
    MD Roadmix Corp.

    “I was referred to by a friend from Dubai. I was pleased to find an international standard at Indian prices. Our website is essential for our corporate image and Digi Hikes maintains it with poise.”


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